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Pile of Raven



We put the ARRRR in Piratical.


Mighty Squid
Raven O'Reilly


Talk Piratical-like!
No Quarter Given


This layout features the header image created by Raven O'Reilly. Original layout found at Premade LJs, "Natalie Portman" by tasha.

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Begad! [April 09, 2006 @ 1:39am]

Arrrrr mateys! Look at 'is bilge those addlepates comes up with... shiver me timbers!
I swear I don't know where it came from buckos...

they... they made it up, aye!

...it's not what it looks like?

Damn paparazzi... all oughta walk the plank, aye.

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Pillagin' and Wot Not [April 08, 2006 @ 4:45pm]

So's I'm noticin' we ain't keepin' up with our fans like.

Things is busy for our happy li'l crew.

After the Squid went and ate a couple o' groupies at the last show, we's had ta go an' get some day jobs like. For some damn reason, our agent ain't booked us for no new shows in about two weeks. We's still playin', don't go worryin' yerself about that. But thank the sea that we've got the ship paid off, cause wif our jobs, we can't afford no rent.

Me, I'm working as a rat-catcher for the gov'ment. Yeah, go on -- say it. I dares ya! Don't pay much -- but then, it's a gov'ment job. Don't expect much from them blokes. Landlubbers, the lot o' them!

Raven's taken ta scaring pidgeons for the library for a couple o' hours in the aftanoon. Seems like them lunch-crowd book luvah's is leaving their scraps out for the birds. Don't nobody want a buncha birds around, crappin all over the place, right? I mean, am I right? Truth is, Rav does love ta scare the kids -- ain't nothin like a crowd of pidgeons flyin' at ya kids to make 'em pee their pants. Plus, she gets all the scraps o' food they leave behind. Perks of tha job.

Eri and Iri -- those girls is doin' movies now for a bit o' cash on tha side. If'n ya know wot I mean. Wink, nudge, yeah? They's a scary couple o' girls. But sexy as the sea.

The Squid. Yeah, she's a sad sack if'n I ever saw one... She blames herself for wot happened. She can't help it, ya know? I mean, she's a giant squid, she eats people... Ya can't fight nature. Skies has had a bit o' trouble coverin' for her binge-eating of tha groupies, but that's wot she's paid for, right.

Gabs is workin' in a diner. Ya don't want ta know. (She takes more lip offa people there than she does when she sings that 'orrible off-key song o' hers. No offense, lass. Ya sing like a coupla spoons rubbin together.)

Chair's about the only respectable and adaptable like lad among us. We shove him overboard about once a day, but the lad just pops back to tha surface and keeps on keepin' on. He's got a buoyancy of spirit that just keeps us goin'. Floats right to tha top, that boy. Oi, he's a good lad. Got hisself a part time job at the same diner as Gabs. He puts up with a lot o' asses, but he gets through alright.

Yeah, and thats about it.

We're a busy lot, but not too busy to keep together for the music, right? We loves each other, in our own gruff way and wot not. We stay together for tha love.

And the rum, o' course.
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Egotistical Capt'n of these Buckos [March 15, 2006 @ 7:46pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I'm a traditionalist.

I mean, our Jolly Roger has a simple crossbones with a red raven stamped on his forehead. Our name, of course, has to scroll across, but that's more for modern time's sake. You really gotta understand the importance behind this. Everyone's always whining about creativity and individuality and have lost scope of Davy Jones locker.

Pile of Raven is about bringing the Argh back in Rock.

Landlubbers don't get it. If you think you're not one, trust me. You are. And if you're going to insist, then you're a nancy Privateer working for the King. How did I dig up these scurvy seadogs for the band? Well... that's a story for another time. Though, the story about Squid is pretty interesting. We met at the end of a poxy's poop deck. Don't ask.

Now gangway!

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[March 14, 2006 @ 10:47pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

So I paid this guy to type this for me. Whenever I try to use a computer the darn thing self-destructs. Must be the salt water, I don't know. The boss says to write stuff here or I don't get paid. I need money. No money, no kelp. No kelp and I start eating fans again. Nightskiesfading told me I can't do that anymore. I can't help it you know? What do they expect? I'm a giant squid for Poseidon's sake. Eating pirates is what I do. Then all these fans just come right up to you all dressed like pirates. I can't help it if I have PTSD. I see a pirate and I get flashbacks.

See what they do to me?Collapse )

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Avast, A Taste o' The Cat For Ye [March 13, 2006 @ 11:07pm]

A Report From the Road, By AliCat, Bassist Exraordinaire

*stumbles drunkenly into room*

So me band mates ‘ave decided that I’m tha one as should say summink ta get this started, roit? Yeah, roit, mates, shuddup, I’m gonna say summink in a minute, roit.

Shove off! I’m not ya puke buddy, go find tha loo, roit? ‘Ere I go.

This thing on? Oi! This thing on? Where tha ‘ell’s our roadies…

Yeah, alright. So tonight wuz our openin’ gig at the Tipsy McStaggers, a li’l bar in the middle a-nowhere. Yeah, we rocked it.

An’, loik, these sea-mens wuz commin’ onta me, an’ I wuz loik, oi, you’re lookin’ for tha Squid, not me ya wankers! I gots me my can o’ salmon, I’m all set, roit?

Oi, where’d that bowl of red M&M’s get to?

Yeah, roit. So anyways, me and my bandmates – in more than one way, if’n you know wha’ I mean, yeah? – we was in this li’l town and they was tot’ly unprepared like for our Piratical Rock. Yeah, they’s gonna remember us for a long time, yeah.

So I gots ta tune me bass, I’m out.

Where’s me bottle of rum?

*lurches out in search of Piratical Booze*

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A band photo [March 13, 2006 @ 9:34pm]

[ mood | amused ]

PoR Wallpaper

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Yargh! [March 13, 2006 @ 8:37pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Welcome to Pile of Raven!

We are a new band rocking the seven seas with our new rock genre: Industrial Piratical Rock!

F34R our Jolly Roger!

This journal be the drunkin' ramblin's o' the crew an' our ne'er-do-well adventures on tour! Enjoy!

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